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The key to success lies in the professional evaluation of the results and their implementation!

A motto of BK Process Engineering GmbH is:

“Problems can never be solved with the same mindset that created them.”

Albert Einstein

As a service company, BK Process Engineering GmbH specializes in integrating theory-based flow calculations into the practical application of your projects.

In addition to pure optimization studies, we offer you comprehensive support: This includes procedural and project conceptual aspects in order to supervise each phase of your project personally and so intensively that your business goals can be implemented with maximum efficiency.

We understand planning, execution and completion as an ongoing, holistic process: This means the best possible support for you. If the parameters of your project change, we can intervene in close cooperation with you at an early stage in order to adapt our calculation to the new circumstances. Of course, we also approach your suppliers, supervise product acceptance and assembly and support the final commissioning, so that the technical risk for operators and developers is kept as low as possible.

Project services of the BKPE GmbH

Product and equipment design

Including definition of requirements

Product and equipment design

With 0D, 2D and 3D calculation tools


Including detailed and manufacturing drawings


from acceptance of production to assembly and commissioning


Including test and laboratory examination

Our team

Benjamin Köpke

Gründer und CEO

BK Process Engineering GmbH | CEO, geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Priyam Mitra

Engineering Fluiddynamics

BK Process Engineering GmbH | Engineering Fluiddynamics

Marian Panofen


BK Process Engineering GmbH | Research & Development

Ayesha Khan


BK Process Engineering GmbH | Engineering

Hongjiao Ma


BK Process Engineering GmbH | Marktentwicklung

Zehzong Wang


BK Process Engineering GmbH | Produktdesign

Alexander Uenning

Engineering R&D

BK Process Engineering GmbH | Research & Development